Carpet and Rug Laundry / Drycleaning by DipDap Laundry

What all do you do on your carpets? Take a moment to make a mental list of everything, every human and every pet that’s ever been on it. Now imagine the millions and trillions of particles, hair and of course, dead skin on it.

It is for this reason that carpet wash/ drycleaning is one thing, and carpet sanitization, another. Simply fitting your carpets in the washing machine with some detergent & bleach will never produce results as good as a laundry would. And did you forget the drying part? It could take days at home!

Dust, food, mucky water, sweat, oils, sand, soil & even poop lol, your lovely & expensive carpets & rugs are magnets for everything! DipDap has a few tips to take care of your precious carpets at home:

  1. Stains of any kind need to be washed or wiped away immediately: Be it a scary wine stain or a simple chutney, the sooner you get rid of them, the better. Take a wet cloth and try to rub it off immediately, simply to get some of it off. Then get your rug or carpet drycleaned by us, ASAP! We know how much stains like to stick to good carpets and believe us, the sooner the better is very apt in this case.
  2. Give them time to dry out. Wet and damp rugs and carpets are open invitations for all kinds of germs, especially fungi. Mold grows super easy on carpets, be it any material. Dubai summers can get pretty humid and your rugs and carpets can get very stinky very soon. Your best bet is to let them air dry at home in sunlight. It will act as a disinfectant as well. Laundries use special heat drying to dry carpets and dehydrate them (just enough) so that they are fresh and ready to use.
  3. Use a gentle detergent/ bleach and in very less quantity. The last thing you want for your rug/ carpet is wear and tear due to overwashing. Be it cotton, jute, linen, fur, polyester or any fabric - gentle washing is key to a long lasting carpet!

Moving on, here is our carpet/rug drycleaning/ washing process:

  1. Inspecting: To check if there’s any wear & tear and any tough stains on your rugs and carpets so we can inform you beforehand.
  2. Chemical Treatment: Gentle, of course and for the rugs and carpets with the most oil build up and tough stains, so that they’re stainfree before the actual laundry/ drycleaning process
  3. Gentle wash: For those extra-soft fabrics
  4. Sanitize: Always, because that’s what Covid-19 taught us! DipDap = Laundry + Sanitization!
  5. Deliver!: Our Dapper Laundry Delivery men are glad to see your smiling faces when they deliver freshly drycleaned & sanitized carpets & rugs back to you!

DipDap Laundry's carpet/rug  drycleaning

Each carpet and rug carpet is equally capable of attracting dust and grime to it.

Carpet and Rug Laundry drycleaning by DipDap Laundry

You walk, sit, lie down, play and even nap on them.
Make sure you take care of your carpets & rugs meticulously!

DipDap Laundry's carpet/rug drycleaning

Be it subtle colors or bold ones, every carpet tells a story

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