Curtains and Drapes Laundry / Drycleaning by DipDap Laundry

Curtains. They either define, refine or well, run down beautiful homes.

Blackout curtains, transparent curtains, drapes or even delicate ones with lace, tassels and sequins - all curtains have an inherent ability to soak up dust like nothing else! Not sure? Just grab a curtain near you and wave it around gently. You'll see a trillion dust particles floating in the air. But that's normal. And everyone has dust accumulated on them.

How do you maintain them? Keep their colour and fabric intact? That's a different story. Your lovely & expensive curtains and drapes need regular dusting, yes, but also good quality laundry & drycleaning. Along with that, here are a few tips to take care of your curtains and drapes.

  1. Dust them on a regular basis. Make sure you or your house-help dusts your curtains gently every 2-3 days to avoid any accumulation of dust particles in the first place. Prevention is better than cure!
  2. Stains of any kind need to be washed or wiped away immediately. Be it a scary wine stain or oily hands and fingers, the sooner you get rid of them, the better. Take a wet cloth and try to rub it off immediately, simply to get some of it off. Then get your curtains/ drapes drycleaned by us, ASAP!
  3. Gentle wash them. Avoid using the dryer. Harsh chemicals, detergents and tumble drying are enemies to your delicate fabrics. Satin, polyester, net, lace, velvet etc drapes and curtains need to be gently washed in room temperature or cold water and air dried. Even harsh sunlight in Dubai might start breaking fibres or worse, fade them out!

Moving on, here is our curtains and drapes drycleaning / washing process:

  1. Inspecting: To check if there’s any wear & tear and any tough stains on your curtains and drapes so we can inform you beforehand
  2. Chemical Treatment: Gentle, for the curtains and drapes with the most oil build up and tough stains, so that they’re stainfree before the actual laundry/ drycleaning process
  3. Gentle wash: For those extra-soft fabrics
  4. Sanitize: Always, because that’s what Covid-19 taught us! DipDap = Laundry + Sanitization!
  5. Deliver!: Our Dapper Laundry Delivery men are glad to see your smiling faces when they deliver freshly drycleaned & sanitized curtains and drapes back to you!

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