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Yes, we do. The minimum invoice charged to the customer is AED 50. However, we do process orders below this amount. In such cases (where the order value is less than 50 AED) the customer is charged with the minimum invoice value
No. DipDap not only has ZERO delivery fees but also has no other hidden charges per order. There is, however, a minimum invoice charge of AED 50 per order
Once we collect your clothes, an itemized bill with the expected total order amount is generated. This bill will be shared with you via email and on the DipDap App. While the final bill amount will not vary a lot, there might be some difference based on the care label of each garment and your specified instructions.
DipDap has both cash & card (debit/credit) payment options. You can choose to pay the total order amount on the delivery of your items. In case you decide to pay via card, we will charge a nominal authorization amount of USD 1 (~3.67 AED) from you
Unlike other laundries, we don’t have complicated pricing structures & a long list of items with individual prices. All your daily laundry items have been segregated into 6 categories: All Tops/ Bottoms, Full Wear/ One Pieces, Suits, Delicates & Small Items, Occasional Wear and Home Care. We offer flat pricing for all categories except Home Care wherein itemized pricing is applicable. For more details visit our Pricing page or check out the DipDap App
Yes, while our standard delivery time is 48 hours, we do offer 24-hour EXPRESS (next day) delivery for only a 50% surcharge. Please note that express service is not applicable for certain items like carpets, curtains, and special occasion wear due to longer processing time.
All your clothes are cleaned at our warehouse or that of our partner’s. We use state of the art machinery and raw materials to clean your laundry. All clothes are carefully handled by our experienced staff based on their care label
Our staff has expertise in the stain removal process through the use of the right chemicals and other raw materials. Having said that, there are always some stubborn stains that might be tough to remove. In such cases, our team will notify you about this in advance and will seek your permission to process that garment or leave it as is.
We clean everything! And in cases where certain specific items can’t be processed as per our quality standards, we will make sure we let you know upfront
You simply need to create an account with us, add your address and request a pick-up. We will be at your doorstep to serve you! If you have any queries, our helpful staff will address them anytime. All details you need to know are mentioned on the website or the mobile app.
No, you don’t have to. You can select the ‘Drop at the door’ option for your order and our Dapper (“Delivery Agent”) will pick-up and deliver at your door. You will only be required to collect your order in person if your selected payment option is Cash On Delivery.
We charge the same amount for dry-cleaning or wash & iron. Please feel free to share your preference with us for each item. Our Dippers will also read care instructions & labels on your garments and will decide the optimal process required. As a result, utmost care will be taken of your items, please pass on your worries to us
Our standard turnaround time for delivery is within 48hrs from the pick-up. However, we have an EXPRESS delivery service if you need your laundry done on short notice
We comply with damaged item policies followed globally. In general, our damaged item ratio is quite negligible, since we have a thorough quality control process. In case any damage was to happen, DipDap shall refund 10 times the service price paid for the item. However, as a policy, we will need to be notified of the same within 7 days of receiving the clothes
Since it’s your first order, you won’t have our bags. You can simply put your items & clothes in any bag and add a label with a pen & paper or just meet our Dapper (“Delivery Agent”) in-person to explain your requirements to him
If you have any issues, feel free to reach out to us through WhatsApp, email or just call us
Every cloth, every item has some sentiment or value attached to it. And no amount of money can make up for the love & memories associated with your clothes. DipDap understands that and handles your clothes with utmost care. We developed each process in our entire system to ensure that only excellent service is delivered to you. Our experienced and well-trained staff works around the clock to offer you impeccable quality.

  • Experience counts – Cleaning is an art as much as it’s a science and our Dippers have been in this business for generations
  • Only partner with the best – Every partner of ours has to go through a solid vetting process before they are on board with us
  • Best equipment and material – We use state of the art machinery and material to provide you the best laundry experience. We have strict quality control measures to ensure we review every item before it is ready for delivery
  • We listen and constantly learn – Getting your constant feedback is what has been helping us grow and improve. We take your feedback very seriously and work on ways to further improve our system and its processes. We look forward to your feedback and review and will act upon it to improve ourselves every day!
If you like our service and consider us worthy of recommendation to your friends & family, you can do it officially through our referral program. But we would urge you to not stop there since we believe in the power of word-of-mouth communication. Tell your friends & family about us during your weekend gathering or via social media.
We are a small startup trying to build a business sustainably, your words of encouragement will definitely help
Yes, you can. Our Dappers will place your order outside your door in case you are not available.
Our standard processing time is 48 hours. However, certain items like carpets, curtains, cushions etc. need some additional time to be processed depending on the material type.

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