DipDap 101: How it Works

We Provide The Best Collection Laundry Services In Dubai

DipDap is an on-demand laundry service on a mission to make premium laundry affordable and accessible to everyone. Our quick pick up and free delivery ensures maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness for all.

Ready for your first order?

Here's the 101 guide on how it works:

1. The DipDap App - Best Home Delivery Laundry Service in Dubai

The DipDap App can be found in both the PlayStore as well as the App Store for a one-click download. Once you open the App and enter personal details such as your name, number & address, you open an account with DipDap. This account helps us store and track your orders. This also means no more misplaced items and increased accuracy. You can find details on categories, our Flat-Rate pricing model, and new offers on the App too.

2. Order placement

Once your account is made, you are ready to place your first order with DipDap. You simply need to click on the Place Order button right on top. On selecting your address for pick-up, you get to choose between 'Meet Driver' or 'At the Door' which means you can choose to hand your laundry personally to our Dapper Drivers or opt for a Contactless pick-up by placing your laundry at the door. This is a new provision for safety and hygiene in the times of Covid19 and also helps when you're unavailable or not at home. Further, add any instructions regarding your laundry, set up a payment method (we accept both Cash and Card payment!), and click on Order Now. Your order is now placed with us.

3. Pick-up

DipDap has special laundry bags with options like Wash & Fold, Iron, etc to tick/mark on the bag. But since it's your first order, you can put your laundry in any bags and keep it ready for our Dapper Drivers. Don't forget to mention on the bag if you want them to be washed & ironed, only ironed or washed & folded. As mentioned before, either hand it over to the Dappers personally or keep it at the door, as per your choice on the App. Our Dappers will collect your laundry during your chosen time slot.

4. Fabric check & sorting

Once the laundry is collected, this is where our work truly begins. A thorough fabric check ensures there is no pre-existing damage to your laundry such as distressed fabric, tears, etc and if there is, you'll be informed of it. Further, we read all fabric labels to make note of temperatures and care instructions along with the instructions entered by you on the App.

5. Cleaning & Finishing

Once the sorting is done, we then wash or dry clean your clothes according to the fabric and iron or fold them based on what you wrote on the laundry bag (first time user) or the option you chose on the DipDap bag. Our cleaning process uses raw materials to wash or dry clean your clothes and items for a sparkly clean result. All colors and fabrics are gently handled and respected with care. Most of the grease, oils, and stains on your fabrics are removed during the cleaning process.

6. Final check & Packing

A final check of the clothes and items is done after they are washed and dried. This inspection ensures all items are thoroughly cleaned in a hygienic and safe manner and look tidy and neat before they are folded or ironed. Once the items are neatly folded or ironed, they are carefully packed & sealed in our DipDap bags to get them ready for delivery.

7. Delivery

As we mentioned before, or delivery is free of cost. Just as you wash your laundry yourself, and all you invest in is the washing cycle, DipDap also wants you to invest in the same. We don't want you to pay for pick-up or delivery but only in the care of your clothes and items so that they and the memories associated with them are preserved for long. You can opt for an Express delivery which is for the next day, or normal delivery that takes about 48hrs. You can choose if you want the delivery at the door or personally, with a cheerful smile from our Dappers!

Make sure you organize your clothes well and store/stack them carefully to avoid wrinkles. Wear your freshly laundered clothes from DipDap and sparkle as you shine through the day. Remember, clean clothes and DipDap are just a click away!

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