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How's your Dubai Fitness Challenge going? 30X30 is perhaps the easiest way to let fitness into your life & insidiously turn it into a wonderful habit! Well, Team DipDap is into all sorts of activities like Yoga, Boxing, HIIT & good old Functional exercises to get our heart rates up & our body fat percentages down (lol). But you either have to own a good amount of sportswear to make it through these 30 days, or have a crazy routine of washing them everyday and drying them while making sure you don't wear them out or damage them, oof! So we put together a few tips for you that'll be GAME-CHANGERS in your sportswear laundry game.

1. Wear the right sportswear

This is so important, and yet overlooked by most of us. Wearing cotton sweatpants & tees in the gym is one example. Cotton also wears quickly when washed multiple times, not to mention will lose its shape after heavy & sweaty workouts. Choose good quality & comfortable sportswear according to your activity type and ask for assistance at the store while shopping. Easy-peasy.

2. Soak the sweaty wear in clean water

Oh yes! If the next laundry cycle is going to take a little more time than you thought, soak your sportswear, turned inside out, in clean water to get rid of the dirt & sweat while you get them ready to wash. Also, this way washing multiple types of fabrics together won't soil all of them.

3. Wash them, soon!

SOON. The best way to get rid of the oils, dirt and sweat along with the funky smells (sorry!) is to wash them ASAP. Your favourite pair of shorts or sports bra will thank you for it.

4. Cold water

This goes without saying. Hot water breaks microfibres and reduces the shelf life of sportswear by months & even years! Always keep settings on cold to gently rinse out dirt and preserve elastics & delicate fabric. This way, investment in good quality & expensive sportswear doesn't go to waste.

5. No tumble drying/sunlight

Tumble drying & the Sun are enemies to your sportswear. The scorching summers of Dubai will break down your fabric one fibre at a time, while mild sunlight may actually help get rid of odors. But tumble drying is a different story. Your underwire sports bra, mesh tops & tees, cut out shorts, grip socks & shoes, are going down the drain sooner than you thought because of the dryer. Ideally, clothes need to be air dried without overly stretching the elastics to prevent distortion.

6. Iron on the lowest temperature

While typical sportswear won't need much ironing, some of them might, especially the cotton track suits. Be gentle, start on the lowest temperatures & you might increase it gradually only upto a certain mark. Be gentle & mindful. Remember: High temps are your tracksuits' foes.

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7. Use a professional laundry!

Well, in a nutshell, taking care of sportswear is a little bit of a task but shouldn't be a hassle. If you're up for it, DIY! But for most people, laundry sucks the fun out of life, and in this case, workouts. Use a professional laundry that uses cold temperatures, no harsh detergents, and gently dries & folds or irons your sportswear. We at DipDap Laundry do that!

So go ahead, make working out a part of your life, but make sure your laundry is sorted. Especially, your sportswear laundry. If taking care of sportswear becomes easy, investing in good quality sportswear gets easy too.

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