Shoe Wash & Drycleaning by DipDap Laundry

What’s more apt - you take your shoes to places or your shoes take you places? Well, in either case it's the shoes that take up all the dirt & grime!

Shoe Laundry & Drycleaning isn’t as easy as clothes, for that matter. Shoes not only take more time to dry but are more prone to getting moldy if not taken care of. The wear & tear on shoes is 20 times more than clothes and hence, shoe laundry & drycleaning is not a task, but a skill that DipDap has mastered!

Dust, food, mucky water, sweat, oils, sand, soil & even poop lol, your lovely pairs of shoes, sandals, flip-flops, slippers, boots & sneakers are magnets for everything! With major sportswear & activewear brands making more and more ‘knit’ material shoes/ sneakers, it is very important to know how to care for them.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Stains of any kind need to be washed or wiped away immediately: Be it a scary wine stain or a simple chutney, the sooner you get rid of them, the better. Wipe it off with some tissue or a soft cloth and get your shoes drycleaned by us, ASAP! We know how much stains like to stick to good shoes and believe us, the sooner the better is very apt in this case.
  2. Sweat & oils from all the workouts needs to be cleaned regularly. No one likes stinky feet. What’s worse is, while feet can be washed multiple times daily, shoes/ sneakers? Naah, not as much. It is a good practise to get your sports shoes, sneakers, running shoes and even walking shoes drycleaned by us every 20-30 days. Weekly is too much, and we suggest you let them breathe for about 15 days before the next wash. You don’t want the material to thin out too!
  3. Leather, lace, cut-outs and embellishments in shoes attract a lot of dust and in areas like ours, sand! Dust them off gently daily or whenever you use them, to avoid any build up and dusty looking shoes. Believe us, no one likes dusty, shabby shoes and drycleaning your shoes with us on a regular basis (we cannot repeat this enough!) is totally necessary!

Moving on, here is our shoe drycleaning/ washing process:

  1. Inspecting: To check if there’s any wear & tear and any tough stains on your shoes so we can inform you beforehand.
  2. Sorting: So that we do not mix leather with sports shoes - you get it!
  3. Chemical Treatment: For the shoes & stains with the most oil build up and tough stains, so that they’re stainfree before the actual laundry/ drycleaning process
  4. Gentle wash: For those sandals & heels that are delicate and need extra love
  5. Sanitize: Always, because that’s what Covid-19 taught us! DipDap = Laundry + Sanitization!
  6. Deliver!: Our Dapper Laundry Delivery men are glad to see your smiling faces when they deliver sparkly heels & fresh shoes back to you!

DipDap Laundry's shoes soles cleaning

Shoe soles are like human souls - dusty & old but impossible to survive without!

DipDap Laundry's knit activewear cleaning

Knit activewear absorbs a lot more dust & grime than we can see!

DipDap Laundry's expensive shoes cleaning

Not all of us can afford to turn our beloved & expensive shoes into antiques!

DipDap Laundry's white shoes cleaning

White shoes - the most pristine or the most dirty? You choose!

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